Project Dignity
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why the name Project Dignity ?
    It is an attempt to restore the dignity of the people in rural areas in particular the women who go to fields for open-defacation.
  • What is the purpose of Project Dignity?
    To provide the rural people with a toilet which will endure with time and will help create a healthy environment.
  • What are the risks that are faced by rural people for not having proper sanitation?
    Spread of water-borne diseases, loss of productivity of working people, making women vulnerable to unwanted situation while going for open defacation, increase of school-dropout.
  • How does Project Dignity support Project Dignity?
    By increasing awareness among the villagers, students, by funding a part of the cost of a toilet and by imparting necessary education on maintenance of toilet.
  • What is the reach of Project Dignity?
    All over India wherever there is need of proper sanitation.
  • Who may be the partners of the project?
    Anybody-in fact even an individual can be a partner to this project. And corporate and any NGO.
  • How to help Project Dignity ?
    You can send your contribution which is Rs. 3500/- (Rupees Three thousand Five hundred) only per toilet for any no. of toilet. The cheque should be sent in favour of "ROTARY INDIA HUMANITY FOUNDATION".

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